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"Balsamiq Mockups - Balsamiq"

Mockups, created by the company Balsamiq, is software designed to help the user and his or her team to iterate on wireframes and come up with designs in real-time during meetings. The main client together with designers, developers and product managers can work together user the same tool saving time in brain storming and becoming more efficient in producing outputs.

This software uses Low-Fi Sketch Wireframes which lets the user focus on the design conversations. By linking the click-through prototypes, demos and testing are generated. The Balsamiq Mockups also allow for sharing and exporting files using PDF or other third-party tools. It also uses a simple interface that has a drag and drop feature for ease of use.

The Balsamiq Mockups focuses also on speed to lessen wasted time keyboard shortcuts re available to keep the user moving quickly and create wireframes. To increase its functionality, the software has also been created to work offline, and when connected again to the Internet, the integration of all versions of the Mockups is virtually seamless. This software allows also to re-use templates and libraries to create designs and wireframes quicker. It also has been tested in various versions of operating systems which include Mac, Linux and Windows.

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