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Sony Corporation has developed and released a new photo enhancing application which is the x-Application software. This x-Application software provides users with more than a few ways to revive their memories from their captured photos altered into new stunning diversion. This photo editing utility allows users to create eye-catching slideshows of their photos and digital scrapbook to share with their family and friends, or to discover their memoirs with twitter time lime or with friend’s photo stream.

The X-Application software features X-Pic Story which creates stunning, quality slideshow from digital images; X-Scrapbook which creates only one of its kind scrapbook-style pages; and X-Chronology which puts photo stream into view according to timeline.

Aside from displaying photos according to timeline from Flickr or Picasa web album, X-Chronology is also capable of adding videos from YouTube or posts from Twitter. X-scrapbook on the other hand, provides pre-loaded wallpaper templates which enables users to place their photos within the colorful layouts. All scrapbooks can be personalized and even inserted with background music. Finally, X-Pic Story allows users to create slideshows with their choice of photos as well as background music. X-Application brings digital photos into life.

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