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"We will help you handle your file"

AntiCrash is software that safeguards your computer against 95.8% of crashes. It also instantly repairs the actual crashes that you don’t have to do anything about it. AntiCrash can also be the only real software program effective at intercepting glowing blue displays as well as freezes.

Along with AutoRepair, utilizing a large number of individual resources in scanning your computer is currently overlooked. AutoRepair will find as well as restore a large number of problems, using its built-in superior Artificial Intelligence almost instantly.

AntiCrash presents BootSafe, your own solution with regards to boot-free communicating with Yahoo. In case a malicious user attempts to boot you, BootSafe intercepts this as well as deactivates the actual attempt. You may also set up AntiCrash in order to disregard specific User IDs!

Occasionally, a crash may damage your computer data. With AntiCrash’s Lifebelt, you will be able to recover all the files you’re working on as it will automatically back-up a duplicate of your open files once crash happens.

AntiCrash includes a state-of-art user interface which is very simple to use. The user interface completely values Microsoft's recommendations and it is really user-friendly.

AntiCrash is actually adaptable and discerns what things to inform you and when. In case you miss to operate AutoRepair, it is going to instantly help remind you to definitely do this; the Main Menus enables you to understand AntiCrash's position within a glimpse; and also the listing continues.

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