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"Professional and student computer-aided translation (CAT) Case CATalyst software from Stenograph.,"

Case CATalyst is a transcription program designed for reporters, stenographers, legal professionals, and the like. The program includes Cat Scratch, a digital scratch pad, as well as an inbuilt tracker for changes made to the user’s notes, which can be useful for collaborative transcriptions and transcribers who regularly edit their work. The program is also capable of exporting transcriptions in the PDF format, with fully searchable, Adobe Acrobat-compatible features. It has automatic numeric recognition and automated formatting for number entries within the text.

Besides that, it is possible to create automated field entries within texts for figures such as time. It also has Speaker Management utilities that allow the user to easily recall which strokes are for writing certain speakers as well as reposition speakers on-screen. The Brief It utility allows transcribers to get suggestions for shorter outlines in their work and the Hot Spots utility helps users identify areas that might need additional attention, like untranslates and conflicts. Furthermore, users can create their own custom keyboards using the program.

The software is often used in conjunction with Diamante. It is available in 4 editions, with the cheapest being marketed to students.

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