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"GraphicEditor openCanvas : portalgraphics.net"

The openCanvas program is a raster graphics editor in the tradition of Corel’s Painter software and Adobe’s Photoshop—unlike them, however, it was initially available for free. Today’s openCanvas is available for free only on a limited-use trial mode and is a paid program.

As with most other raster editors, the program has a variety of brushes available to users and various settings can be altered in order to customize each brush. Pattern brush creation is enabled via an option to set BMP images as brush patterns; hence, for instance, setting an image of a star as a brush pattern will allow users to create trails of stars on a canvas simply by dragging the custom brush where they want stars to appear. Image processing and creation can be done by layering as well as filtering effects. The program also has features designed specifically for Japanese (manga) artists, such as the ability to create customized digital “tone papers”.

Another special feature of the program is its “Event” recording function. Events are essentially recordings of painting/drawing sessions and can be created as well as viewed through the program.

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