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"Propellerhead: Music Production with Reason, Figure, Take, Discover Propellerhead"

ReCycle is a recording suite that allows users to incorporate drum beats to the audio tracts they are recording. The software was developed and published by the software company called Propeller head Software.

With the use of this software, users can infuse drumbeats of different tempos in processing and remixing their music. It is likewise a tool that can be utilized to tweak audio samples to achieve better mash-ups and remixes. With the use of this software, the rhythmic patterns of one song or audio file can be analyzed and broken down. This then lets users modify the properties of the sample like completely change the pitch without impacting other components.

When REX2 files, the native files of this application, are loaded into this software, they can be mastered manually or automatically. The software also decompresses the REX files automatically so as not to occupy large space on your computer’s hard drive storage. Importing the songs to ReCycle can be executed by simply dragging and dropping them. Music created using the software ReCycle can also be played in loop using another software developed by Propellerhead Software called Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player.

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