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"OMRON Global"

CX-Thermo is a computer based temperature monitor. It is a digital thermometer which monitors the room temperature and as well as body temperature. It is one of the best softwares created by Omron. It was developed in Europe and claimed to be environment-friendly. The company eliminated the harmful substances in all their products included in the CX - Thermo.

Aside from monitoring the temperature, CX-Thermo is generally designed to manage temperature controls. It sets parameters for controlling and managing the temperature. It is also a great innovation for companies, because the software requires minimum device adjustments and the maintenance became simplified.

CX-Thermo is often used along with E5AC, E5CC, E5DC, E5EC, E5AN, E5GN, E5_N-H, E5ZN, E5AR, E5ER and CelciuX degrees temperature controllers.

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