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FlashDevelop is a NET Framework 2.0 IDE, or integrated development environment, for Adobe Flash applications (desktop and Web) and Flash Websites, whose resulting code may then be played with Flash Player or the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Unlike the initial FlashDevelop itself, which is exclusively for the Windows platform, FlashDevelop releases can be accessed on any device such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android or iOS platforms as long as they have the necessary requisites, like Flash Player, to view it.

FlashDevelop is freeware and open source, written on C#. FlashDevelop also uses several key components to build its components: the Adobe Flex SDK, the MTASC compiler, and the Haxe toolkit (the last 2 are free). This allows FlashDevelop to create Action Script 2 and 3, MXML, PHP, Neko and Javascript applications.

Like with most modern IDEs, FlashDevelop features several components that are a mainstay for its software category, such as project system and templates, hotkey configuration, plugin system, support for multiple language, project file explorer trees, and options for application and project levels. It also boasts code completion and syntax coloring for its editing functions.

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