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"Lunascape - simple easy to use multi-featured web browser"

Lunascape6 or Lunascape 6 Orion is a Web browser that integrates rendering engines from other browsers into its platform. By utilizing rendering engines from three of the most commonly-used Web browsers, the user is able to view Web pages that are displayed properly.

Lunascape6 utilizes Trident, a rendering engine for Internet Explorer; WebKit, a rendering engine for Google Chrome and Safari; and Gecko, for Mozilla Firefox. What this means to the user is that when a Web page or website is accessed through Lunascape6, and this particular website is more able to display properly through Firefox, the website is also able to render properly because Lunascape6 is equipped with Firefox’s rendering platform.

In addition, the browser also supports the installation of plug-ins from Internet Explorer and Firefox, plus users can import bookmarks, add-ons and settings from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. The software supports tabbed browsing, displaying several tabs on a single interface.

This is a free browser that was originally developed in Japan. It is available in several languages, including Japanese and English. It runs on Windows operating systems.

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We are only accepting a few select partners during the beta test period.