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"Studio V5 - 3D Address Book, Logo Maker, RedBox Organizer"

LogoMaker is a free logo designing tool which help especially the users with no designing experience. Created in 2004, this software has proven to be useful by students, business owners, sales people and many others for their logo designing needs. This software allows the user to create an eye-catching logo in a matter of minutes without any skill requirement and minus the fuss.

The LogoMaker software has tens of thousands of designs and icons to choose from which were created by a team of highly skilled logo designers. The user may search among the built in logos and templates by using key-words or categories to find the symbol that fits the theme of the logo best. A design layout page appears after the user chooses the logo where he/she can customize the design by simply changing colors, adding texts and information.

The logos created through the LogoMaker software can be saved, uploaded, downloaded and shared. The user may upload the logo, or have it “web-ready” for free in an unlimited period of time, however, if the logo is to be used for marketing materials, business cards or printed in bulk, the software require a small fee to purchase the files in high-resolution. By purchasing it, the user automatically becomes the owner of the logo.

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