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"ZoneAlarm - Professional Firewall, Antivirus & Security Software"

Zone Labs Client is security-based software developed by Check Point Software Technologies that blocks and categorizes threats and intruders that may infect your system. The threats are then contained to be classified. This platform also works in different intensities for deployment – High, Medium, and Low security levels.

High security setting refers to putting your system to a stealth mode so hackers will not be able to see or trace it. This automatically disables printing sharing capability. To put your system on a Learning Mode means it is on medium security setting.

Two main categories used by the software are the Trusted Zone and the Blocked Zone. In the trusted zone, you can also manually include all the networks and computers you trust and for the rest, you can enlist them under Blocked Zone. A third category called the Unknown Zone is specifically used for files and applications that you have obtained from the Internet.

Zone Labs Client also has an advanced firewall management system. With feature, the software decided whether to allow of block and incoming or inbound files and documents from the Internet. It also manages traffic sources.

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