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"3D Embroidery System Software Updates"

As the name suggests, the software 3D Embroidery is used to execute an automated system in 3D Embroidery. This software is developed and released by SM Software Ltd, the software company of a large corporation called VSM Group. The group behind the software is a leading enterprise focused on designing and manufacturing sewing machines.

The most recent version of the 3D Embroidery software is the 7.25 Upgrade which includes encore features. Among the new features of this software is the new set of embroidery designs which comes in 72 different shapes. It is likewise integrated with 3D ornamental fonts of over 32 kinds and 2 special fonts for the cross stitches. The software has been released in 4 different languages namely French, English, Dutch, and Italian. The software includes video demos as well as Read Me articles to guide the first time users of the product.

3D Embroidery is part of the quilting and layout software collection of the company VSM which is equipped with a quilting Inspira-made robot called QBOT. The software works with the most recent operating systems of Windows and Mac OS.

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