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"Microsoft Web Platform - Server, IIS, Internet Information Services"

Microsoft Web Platform Extensions, which include third-party software, are generally installed through the Web PI utility. Web PI is better known as Microsoft Web Platform Installer. The tool was developed primarily to provide users with an application for managing installation of the Microsoft Web Platform. The utility was developed to automatically install the Web platform and various other supported software products from third-party affiliates.

The software automatically installs the following: IIS (Internet Information Services), Visual Web Developer, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework, PHP and Silverlight for Visual Studio. Microsoft Web Platform Extensions are available from the Windows Web Application Gallery, which can be accessed from the Microsoft website.

The applications are generally categorized into the following: Blogs, CMS (Content Management System), and eCommerce, Forums, Galleries, Tools and Wiki. Applications are also offered based on the specific language selected by the user: English, French, Deutsch, Italian, and Portuguese (Brasil and Portugal), Spanish and Turkish.

To help the user select applications, the website features the most popular apps, latest apps added to the gallery and highest-rated apps. There is also an option to display the apps in alphabetical order (A to Z).

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