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"BeerSmith Home Brewing Software, Recipes, Podcast and Blog"

BeerSmith is a home brewing software which allows the user to brew beer at home without guesswork. Recipes are also accessible to help the user create unique beer flavors. Video tutorials are also available to watch for users who are not confident yet with their brewing skills. This software is a good tool for both beginner brewers and more advance brewers alike, as the software also has advanced support for all grain brewing, batch sparging, brew-in-a-bag, mashing and more.

BeerSmith also allows the user may choose from almost a hundred styles of beer using the BJCP style guide. This software shows everything from bitterness, gravity, alcohol comparison and color graphically as the styles are compared with the user’s recipe. Recipes created with this software easily by utilizing a wide range of built-in ingredients which include waters, grains, yeasts, hops and other miscellaneous ingredients and the software adjusts the components of the recipe while the ingredients are added and processed.

The BeerSmith software also has tabbed browsing to allow the user to use multiple tabs and create multiple recipes. It is also compatible with operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the Mac OS X.

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