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The CodeVision or generally known as CodeVision AVR C Compiler is a C compiler program developed by Pavel Haiduc. It was designed to make C programming easy for all users. However, the compiler is also designed to support data types and variables that may be used for AVR and C structures. The CodeVision AVR C compiler is a part of the Atmel Studio microcontrollers. It has been released as a freeware software for programmers that needs to create both simple coded programs and complex ones. The main highlight of the CodeVision C compiler is that it stores its process in a flash memory and it does not stay on the RAM card of the computer. Thus, the program runs faster than the usual compilers. It has a Fast floating point library with hardware multiplier and enhanced core instructions support for all the new micro chips. The AVR C compiler also supports most data types of C such as bit, bool, char, int, short, long and float. Apart from the data types, the compiler also supports interruptions for quick debugging and building.

Moreover, the compiler also optimizes the loop structure of the programs created by the CodeVision. This provides a stable looping process of the program. The software also eliminates the redundant sub expressions of the programs. Apart from this, the programmers can be provided with the auto fill and autosuggest feature of the compiler. This means, that the program suggests a block of codes even as the programmer types in the first letter of the codes. The AVR C compiler also supports syntax highlighting; easy for tracking down errors. The program is compatible with other Atmel applications and emulator such as AVR JTAG-ICE and AVR Dragon. Its user interface is also designed to be simple, but compact with features. In addition, the program is also easy to use and is also compatible with other ANSI C compilers. CodeVision AVR C Compiler runs in Windows operating system. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit).

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