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The PM Stitch Creator is a software that allows the user to create his very own counted cross stitch patterns. The PM Stitch Creator offers two interface styles, Windows standard and graphic mode. It also has a wizard that guides the user through creating a new pattern.

This program can convert digital pictures into stitch patterns for specified floss palette, or create patterns from scratch using virtual needles and other color tools such as color fill, erase, or text. It lets the user create and edit or fill stamp stitch patterns as well as motif stitch patterns. Both of them can be used in Layout and Editing design centers. Programmable stitches and stamps can be used to fill and stamp stitch patterns. Decorative stitch patterns can also be designed using these patterns. It has options to import and adjust images, choose a canvas size/style/color, and choose a thread count. The user can also copy and paste selected designs of stitch work.

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