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"Developing Products"

Citrix XenCenter is a Graphical User Interface designed to be used specifically for the management of the Citrix XenServer. Said software is Windows-na´ve and is developed by the company Citrix Systems.

The software is used to perform tasks critical to the functionality of the v Citrix XenServer and these include configuration, machine installation as well as lifecycle management. It also provides users the access to different VM consoles, the use of VNC for the time installation, and also the use Xync in producing Linux-compatible graphical displays. Users can also utilize the software to manipulate the remote desktop for Windows-based systems.

Citrix XenCenter is also equipped with functionality that can be used for the configuration of remote storage. Examples of these are StorageLink, HBA (Fibre Channel and Hardware iSCSI), DellEqualLogic, and NetApp. Management of Host Networks is also possible using the platform. Among other tasks performed cover VLANS management, Internal Networks maintenance, and NICs supervisions. When searching for folders custom fields, and tags, its XenSearch feature can be used. Memory can also be managed dynamically. The software is also equipped with technology that allows integration of active directory easily that is crucial for authentication and user revocation.

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