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The Complete Office math is one of the various modules that is in Complete Office. Math is a discrete program specifically made to create and edit spreadsheets, analogous to Microsoft Excel, which contain fields called “cells” where data, usually numeric, can be inputted and tabulated. The data in this form can then be analyzed, and data from various sources such as external databases like SQL or Oracle can be imported. Math also has support for 2D and 3D graphs, such as line and bar graphs. Math can also access Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets.

Complete Office Math has three main features called Advanced Data Pilot technology, Intelligent Sum, and Scenario Manager. The Advanced Data Pilot system allows the import of data from databases and then cross-tabulate said data to obtain meaningful information. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Sum feature allows users to create formulas using simple English, without having to memorize complex spreadsheet formulas, and then automatically calculates a sum or subtotal of the formula depending on the context. Finally, the Scenario Manager is a good “what if” analysis tool where variables can be calculated to provide a likely result.

Math is later renamed to Numerate.

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