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"Complete Technology Software"

Complete OFFICE Numerate is software that is mainly used to provide help in using spreadsheets. The spreadsheets can be used by individuals for personal or professional purposes. This software is developed by the company Sun Microsystems.

This package is equipped with supplemental applications namely Scenario Manager, Advanced Pilot Technology, and Intelligent Sum to ensure complete set of functionality. With the use of this software, you can visualize numbers in a comprehensive manner as it generates graphs (in 2D or 3D) and tables that are easy to view and analyze. If you get confused with the system, you can make use of Help System which is also one of its features. This system also clarifies complex formulas that are usually included in the tables.

The program also lets you generate statistical analysis and extract data from any existing data base such as those of SQL and Oracle. Data gathered from these sources are automatically sorted out and presented in pre-configured tables. The program does not restrict its users from using other forms. Using the Scenario Manager, you can play around with numbers and forecast future figures.

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