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Click & Create Stand Alone Application is software developed by Europress Software/Clickteam. The software provides the user with development tools that enable them to create standalone applications specifically, computer games. The Click & Create Stand Alone Application is part of the Click line of software products, which also includes Klik and Play, The Games Factory, and Multimedia Fusion. All of these software products are designed to enable the user to create games and apps in 2D mode.

The product allows users with very little to no programming language experience/expertise, to create their own interactive computer games. The software generally allows the user to create 2D games such as puzzles and strategy games through its app builder tools. Games created can be distributed without the need for additional files as the DLL runtime files of the games are immediately integrated into the core executable, provided that the user did not utilize external media components.

The software was developed to run on Windows operating systems, generally from Windows 98 up to Windows 8. The user’s PC needs to be connected to the Internet in order to properly install the software.

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