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"2020 software solutions for the interior design & manufacturing industry"

20-20 Technologies Inc. Design is a utility that allows users to visualize, plan, and design kitchens and bathrooms. These functions are accessed through the use of the software’s features and 3D renderings including a thousand items from the software’s module.

This software is designed specifically for bath and kitchen enthusiasts and professionals. With add-on modules, users can access more advanced features for home organization including closets.

With 20-20 Technologies Inc. Design, presentations becomes natural through the software’s photo-realistic renderings with full lighting effects, increased accuracy, and improving precession with placement values. The integrated NKBA rules and guidelines with the design assistants will aid users in getting feedback with regard their projects.

In addition, users can create multiple rooms even in one design plan as well as flexibility in designing can be attained through the functions presented in the Features and Options catalog.

Furthermore, as an added feature, 20-20 Technologies Inc. Design integrated a time-saving drawing and positioning for a quick layout. Also, this function automatically produces a variety of materials, make estimations, and posts orders at the 20-20 LiveORDER.

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