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"MPEG editor and DVD editor- Womble Multimedia, Inc."

MPEG Video Wizard DVD is an MPEG editing software developed and released by the compant Womble. This software is intended to be used for its MPEG solutions that can be used by both beginners and experts.

As an MPEG editor, the MPEG Video Wizard can be used to achieve frame accuracy when working on MPEG in High-Definition. Users may also perform editing with minimum re-encording of videos. Once installed, the software is capasble to dedtecting ads. It can also be used in removing change of scene as well as identification of fade detection. Editing can be scheduled and pre-programmed using the software. Editing of MPEG can be done individually or by batch depending on the preference of the users.

The software is also compatible with iPods and PSPs, therefore converted videos cans be saved using these devices. A DVD library can also be built using the software to house all projects generated. MPEG Video Wizard DVD is also equipped with muiltiplexoing tools to aide MPEG conversions, data repairs and restoration. Users may also use the software to make data synchronized with A/V.

Slideshows can also be produced using the software. Generated projects using the software can also be published on the Web or can be distributed using any e-mailing platform. The software is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me Vista, and 7

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