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"Professional Tax Software | ProFileĀ® by Intuit Canada"

Profile Financial Application Suite is a tax preparation application mainly used by Canada-based firms and individuals. It is a package that includes several applications used in preparing, calculating, and submitting financial documents.

Using the Profile Financial Application Suite gives you access to all pertinent forms used in tax returns specific for different tax regions on Canada. This lets users understand the procedures of tax preparation so that outsourcing this activity can be prevented.

It is also equipped with e-filing capabilities using its T1/TP1 EFILE system. This lets users organize the financial documents by clicking a particular button. With this tax preparation software, users can also generate comparative summaries on year-to-year variances to give a full view of the fiscal activity of one company. These summaries can be essential tools in business planning of a company.

The software also allows you to manage your clients’ database and lets you extract data from one entry to another. The search option also allows you to access information about a particular client. When using the software, you are also provided with a year-round technical support by the software company Intuit.

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