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"CS Professional Suite from Thomson Reuters - Software for Accounting Firms and CPAs - Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting"

Client Bookkeeping Solution is professional accounting software from Thomson Reuters. Packaged as a part of the company’s CS Professional Suite, the program is capable of exporting information to various other CS programs for seamless workflow. Hence, users who want to leverage accounting data for other business purposes such as tax return preparation or invoicing can simply transfer CBS data to another CS program appropriate to their task.

CBS is a customizable client solution. This means that the user can actually set the program to offer specific features and functions to specific clients. The purpose is to ensure that clients do not get confused by extra functionalities that may not be appropriate to their situations at all. Further control for users is made possible by a real-time updating or alarm system that informs the user when a specific trigger occurs, e.g. when a client reaches a checkbook limit.

The program can be made available to clients through the user’s website by using the Application Service Provider option. That way, online clients can use the program wherever they may be—and the same goes for the user, of course.

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