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"Convert XLS to PDF Free Online"

Convert XLS is an Excel, CSV, XML and text file conversion or manipulation utility. Excel is not required for these conversions. Convert XLS comes with numerous specialized processes including: Copy-specific sheet data from one worksheet to another, within the same or a different workbook. The user can append or concatenate specified data of a named sheet from a whole folder of workbooks into a single sheet. Convert XLS is a simple and easy-to-use Excel converter utility, that is specifically designed for Excel, text and CSV files. If the user needs to convert or manipulate files located in one or many folders, then this is the suitable tool.

Conversions can be done 10-15 times faster without the help of Microsoft Excel. The user can repeat conversion tasks by simply restoring prior conversion jobs. A conversion job consists of all conversion tasks that the user can specify to be done within the Convert XLS user interface. Each task can be detailed one at a time with this user-friendly interface.

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