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"MoneyWorks accounting and ERP for Mac and Windows"

MoneyWorks Gold is a fully integrated accounting system that features Cashbook, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Inventory, Custom Reporting, and Job Costing, all in a single easy-to-use package. MoneyWorks Datacenter is accounting server software for hosting multiple accounts databases on a central server. It provides all of the features and flexibility of MoneyWorks Gold, while providing the convenience of non-stop server based networking and easy accounts sharing, for multiple companies simultaneously.

The MoneyWorks Gold’s departmentalized accounts provide powerful sub-ledger capabilities, which allow departmental reporting and budgeting. For example, users can report by branch, salesperson, employee, curriculum, department (for schools), project, vehicle (for fleet management) and many others. Its 5-character free form department codes, in addition to the 7-character account codes for reporting flexibility. MoneyWorks Gold also contains a departmental breakdown for reports, as well as departmental budgets. These departments can also be linked to products and inventory for product sales analysis, by salesperson or branch. MoneyWorks Gold also has cash flow reporting with departments for salesperson commission calculations. Its sales orders and quoting include backorders. Users can generate purchase orders from sales orders.

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