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"MultitrackStudio - Audio/MIDI Multitrack Recording Software"

MultitrackStudio Lite is a music recording software that is released and published by the company Bremmers Audio Design. It is equipped with functionalities that let you record new songs while simultaneously playing along an existing audio.

The software is capable of letting users mix tracks using different sets of effects and returns. The mixer and the effects options can be automated using the Pro Plus edition of this software. The software also authorizes the presence of effect returns in the soundcard outputs. Users may also record multiple tracts and doing so can be executed automatically using the cycle recording option. The functionality called VariSpeed lets users modify the song pitch to keep pace with the instruments used.

Music enhancement is also possible using the software. There are over 20 musical effects that can be incorporated into the project. Adding and removing of effects is likewise possible and certain plug-ins such as DX, AU, and VST can be utilized. Basic tasks can be performed by the integrated wizards so users can focus more on the complex actions. For Windows, the software also has touch screen capabilities.

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