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"BUSINESS CARD software, design print color business cards"

Their business card software helps the user create nice business cards quickly and then print them on his own printer or even bring them to a professional printshop for printing. He can also print on papers from Avery, Formtec, Herma, Sigel, DECAdry, etc. Features include having a quick and easy design. The user can select and draw shapes, as well as text. He can also resize, tilt, change color, and fill with gradient color, or do anything with his design elements. Templates and graphics can also be used. If the user doesn’t know how to start the layout of his card, then he can use his own card templates, background and clip arts to start with easily.

This program also contains design tools. The user can draw rectangle, triangle, circle or any freehand lines and shapes. He can also add background pictures by using the supplied backgrounds, or use his own. He can also now have shapes with a blend of two colors. There are many blending combinations that he can do. The created blend is not a static background image, but a filled shape whose color blend and texture can be chosen or edited later.

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