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"CAD-CAM | Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing by BobCADCAM"

BobCAD-CAM is a US-based company that develops CAD/CAM software intended for the manufacturing industry, especially for CNC machining. The company provides software for mill (CNC Milling), lathe (CNC Lathe), wire EDM (CNC Wire EDM), plus software for machining routers, water jets and plasma; as well as software that serve as an add-on for SolidWorks.

Some software products are offered with several modules that enable the user to design parts and create tool paths for G-code programming. For instance, CNC Milling is comprised of modules for 2, 3 and 4 axis milling in both Standard and Pro versions. Also, the programs are fully capable of handling 2d and 3D designs.

Each of the software products is enabled to run on computers installed with the Windows OS, in both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The user is advised that the stability and performance of any of the BobCAD programs is dependent on the performance and capabilities of graphics card installed on the system.

The products are distributed as shareware. The user may request for a demo version from the manufacturer by filling out a form on the developer’s website.

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