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"Avira - Antivirus made in Germany"

Two products in one, Avira Family Protection Suite is an antivirus platform with an added layer of parental supervision tools for parents and children who go online. Avira Family Protection Suite features Social Media Network Protection, a full range of parental supervision tools that give parents an overview of what their children are doing online while still being cool. They can limit when and where their child goes online, find out who their child’s friends are, and warns them of adult themes that appear in the child’s network.

Features include new real-time protection with Avira Protection Cloud detection technology, a website safety advisor which rates the safety of all the sites found in search results, and a network drive protection with malware scanning of shared folders. It also intercepts malicious websites even before they load. It has an anti-ad and spyware which shuts down online spies and annoying adware. Its browser tracking blocker stops companies from recording the user’s web activities. This product also contains anti-phishing, which protects the user from email scammers. Operating systems include Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

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