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GraphPad Prism is a program that is intended to be used by medical practitioners such as biologists, pharmacologists and physiologists for the creation of comprehensive nonlinear regression curve fitting, statistics analysis, data organization and scientific graphing. It is also extensively used by medical students.

Among the key features of this software is data analysis which is an important tool in non-linear regression. The software is embedded with a set of equations and produces the prism or graph automatically and with analysis to better understand the outcome of the graphs.

GraphPad Prism also generates an analysis checklist that can be used during experimentations and in making assumptions. It also includes statistical help whenever deemed necessary. By pressing the ‘Learn’ button, you will see all the principles behind the provided analysis and curves generated using this software.

All acquired results using the GraphPad Prism program are linked. When a data entry is modified, the rest follows. This means that the GraphPad Prism updates the graphs, the layout, and the analysis automatically as triggered by any change in entry. If an experiment has to be repeated, the software itself can adjust and recycles the method.

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