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Ayat, in Arabic, roughly translates to evidences or proofs (singular Ayah). In the Qu’ran, Ayat are generally verses that contain lessons and revelations made by Allah. In computing, Ayat is a desktop application that provides the user with all the features of the KSU (King Sa’ud University)-Electronic Moshaf Project.

The software allows the user to access suras in the Qu’ran, which are the chapters contained within the Qu’ran, without the need to go to the KSU-Electronic Moshaf Project website. In other words, the software provides the user with an electronic version of the Qu’ran, which they can fully utilize at any time of the day, even while they are offline.

Users are given English translations of the verses. Other languages are likewise supported such as French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Albanian, Malay, Thai, Chinese, Swahili, Indonesian, and Bosnian. To view a specific verse, users can determine the sura, verse (1, 2, 3, etc.), and page.

Ayat comes in a version for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

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