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"Adobe - PhotoDeluxe Home Edition : For Windows"

The Adobe Photo Deluxe is software intended for image editing and is published by Adobe Systems in July 2002. This particular software line came about after the release of another Adobe product called Photoshop Elements.

This image editing software features different processing capabilities particularly useful image handlers and amateur photographers. Among the processing capabilities are the adjustment of the color brightness, sharpness and contrast. It can automatically detect and remove the red-eye effect in digital images.

Resizing photos can also be done using the Adobe PhotoDeluxe software. Photos can also be exported and archived in different format. Image scanning is also possible. Printing the images is likewise possible and can be done even with multiple copies on a single page. Among the usual products created with Adobe PhotoDeluxe are calendars, cards, backdrops, and posters. Photos can be touched up and backgrounds can also be changed using this software.

It is also important to note that there is no picture CD supports for other versions of the Adobe PhotoDeluxe such as the Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. To date there is technical support provided for this particular Adobe product.

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