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"FJ Software Development"

MyPhoneExplorer is a desktop application that is mainly used as proprietary software for Android and Sony Ericson mobile phone management. It was originally developed in Austria but is already available in several languages, including English.

As proprietary software, it can easily connect any model of Sony Ericsson mobile phone units with the use of Bluetooth and USB links. Upon connection, the synchronization of data such as phone book entries is initiated between the software and the device. Google Calendar may likewise be synchronized with the calendar entries found in the device. MyPhoneExplore is likewise capable of transferring data using the drag-and-drop action of the mouse as well as managing of calls and SMS data. Once installed, users can likewise use this application to restore and create backups of all data found in the mobile phone.

To be more specific, the software MyPhoneExplorer was first developed to work with only few models of Sony Ericsson such as the K750, K800, and K700. However, an enhanced version of the software which now works well non-Symbian Sony Ericsson phone models. Since the release of 1.8 version, the software has also been made compatible with Android phones.

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