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The Intel Matrix Storage system is an exclusive Intel technology that improves hard disk performance equipped with SATA drives, by boosting its reliability and reducing the power consumption of the hard disk (for laptops this translates to low battery consumption, meaning a longer battery life). The Intel Matrix Storage Manager is a software that controls the settings and other functions of the Matrix Storage solution, where you can tweak and manage the properties of this technology and utilize its full advantage to protect your data against accidental loss. Additionally, it has a built-in system called the Rapid Recover Technology, which reduces the amount of time used to recover the files lost in a hard disk failure, and simplifies the task that can be understood even by novice users.

So what does this technology do? Matrix Storage basically creates a copy of your hard disk contents into multiple RAID hard disk drives. This way, when data is lost in one drive, you can recover the same data that are present on the other drives. One added benefit of this setup is that it boosts the speed and performance of applications that access the hard disk frequently such as video editing since it reads not only from one drive, but from multiple ones.

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