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"Free RAR Password Cracker - Recovery (crack) of lost RAR/WinRAR passwords"

RAR Password Cracker is a program that aims to help the user open RAR and WinRAR archives (versions 2 and 3), in the event that they have forgotten the password or code to unlock the archive.

To unlock an archive, the user may try any of the passwords from a word list (called Dictionary attack), or by trying all sorts of combinations until the password is found (called Bruteforce attack). From the RAR Password Cracker Wizard, the user is provided with the option to select the kind of mode to be utilized for finding the password which, as previously mentioned, can be via Dictionary attack or Bruteforce attack.

Two other methods are offered for opening a password-protected archive: via the password removal utility, which basically rids the file of the password that is protecting it; or via the password unlocker, which freezes the protection system applied on the file to allow the user to access the files within the archive without the need for unlocking it with a corresponding password.

RAR Password Cracker is distributed as shared software, which means that the user will have to pay for the software to acquire a license.

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