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"Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Collage Software - 1000+ Free Templates - PhotoMix - Scrapbooking and Collage Software"

PhotoMix is a software that functions as a platform for creation of photo collage and digital scrapbooks. This software is mainly used for Windows-based systems and is designed and released by the software company of the same names –Photomix.

This scrapbooking platform c called PhotoMix can also be used in producing and printing several other art projects including calendars and greeting cards. It is equipped with graphic kits and library of templates that can be extracted and customized depending on the preference of the users. Templates are also made available and can be explored with the use of the Wizard. Once installed, users may also explore the demo videos and on-line tutorials to help them grasp the tools and functionalities that come with the software.

PhotoMix possesses a Main Tab which basically provides users with an access to the key editing tools. Users can also save, create, open new projects using this tab. Once a project is finished, the software also lets users manage the files or projects created by providing folders and saving all changes made. Projects generated with the software can be shared through e-mailing platforms or can also be published via the Web.

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