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SONAR Producer Edition is suite of applications that is intended to be used for audio production. This software makes use of audio digital files that are combined with MIDI to allow looping and the use of virtual instruments.

This program is also used for specific purposes such as arranging, mixing, and mastering of files. It lets you produce the music you want using an intuitive working environment and if modifications are needed, then you can do so using the readily available tools it has. It can be used to modify and tweak audio files and also for podcast creation.

The software also allows you to work without the annoyance of delays and buffering while in the process of working as well as during playbacks. You may also use the templates and tracks the program has so as to save time for searching for new materials. These tracks can also be modified depending on your preference. For your finished work, you can burn them right away to a CD. You may also publish your work on-line. The workability of this software is optimized using Windows platforms only.

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