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Seagate Crystal Reports is an application centralized in business intelligence which is primarily used for generating and customizing reports using data sources. This application is designed and released by Seagate Software. The software was initially named Quick Report before it was able to break into the market.

Seagate Crystal Reports is regarded as a report writer which was bundled with the 2003-2008 versions of Visual Studios. It is also considered as an add-on software for Visual Studio version 2010. The primary use of the software is to design different data connections graphically and generate a specific report layout. It is equipped with the feature called Database Expert which enables users to select, click, link tables directly for the data source. The data source may come in the form of other applications such as Oracle databases, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Business Objects Enterprise, and even other local filing systems. It is capable of supporting both Text files and XML files.

Seagate Crystal Reports is likewise compatible with a set of Groupware applications namely Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange. It also has a GIS functionality and runs well on Windows-based systems.

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