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This game lets the players choose between a relaxing, no-pressure mode or a fast-paced challenge. Word Harmony has visuals and clever puzzles, which makes this a refreshingly different word game. Players can enter a world set against the peaceful backdrop of Asian-inspired art. They can experience the meditative powers of the game by gently floating letters around the board, to spell words and solve puzzles.

Word Harmony will take their players to a peaceful blend of action and thought. Whether the player is looking for a word-forming challenge, or a meditative word puzzle, there is always something here for everyone. Its game play provides an original experience, while Far East graphics and music set the mood. Word Harmony is good for any word lover in the family. Key features include being able to play in three ways – Tsunami, Relax, and Think. There are unique puzzles in Relax mode alone. It also has graphics with in-help gaming and tips, with full-screen graphics and a soothing soundtrack. System requirements include Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP. It also has 96 MB of RAM.

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