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NewSoft CD Labeler lets the user print his favorite photos or a variety of design templates directly onto CDs, DVDs, or Blue-Ray disc with a printable surface. Users can install their NewSoft CD Labeler from the CD ROM that is supplied with their Brother machine. He can also check the OS written on the CD-ROM label and follow the steps that are applicable to his case. He can use the NewSoft Labeler software to make a disc label on his Windows computer. He can then print the label onto a printable disc. He can also use the NewSoft CD Labeler software to make a disc label on his Macintosh. The user can print the label onto a printable disc.

The NewSoft CD Labeler can personalize CD/DVD labels as well as Jewel Box covers. The user’s Brother machine can print directly onto any type of printable disc media, which includes CD-R/RWs, DVDR/RWs, or Blue-Rays. The NewSoft CD Labeler runs on Windows 7, XP, 8, and Vista. The NewSoft CD Labeler is a software program that is developed by NewSoft Technology.

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