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Initially developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Left4dead or L4D is generally described as a first-person shooter video game. This video game makes use of a source engine based on the technology designed by Valve and can be utilized with Xbox 360, Windows-based systems, and Mac OS X. Its initial development was finished at the latter part of 2008 and the developer eventually released two different versions of this game. One is digital whereas the second version was disc-based.

The scenario of the game Left4dead is set during an apocalyptic pandemic. The game can be played in four different modes namely single player, four-player, eight-player, and a co-op campaign mode. The level pacing of the game is controlled by the ‘director’ or by an AI (short for Artificial Intelligence. The intention is to generate a more dynamic experience of the game as well as to improve its replay

Left4dead was likewise repackaged and re-released with free downloadable content as part of Valve’s strategy to prepare for its enhanced version. In 2009, the sequel of this video game was released and was named Left4dead2. The sequel was initially released and developed for Mac OS X. A support on cross-platform was also integrated eventually so that both video games can be played on Windows-based and Mac OS X-based computer systems.

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