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"3D CAD Design & Modeling Software | Architecture, Engineering, DGN"

MicroStation is a CAD program that enables engineers, architects and other users to create building designs rendered in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes. Users are also able to create 3D animation for design simulation.

The software supports interoperability, which allows users to utilize DWG and DGN files for their designs. Users can likewise utilize 3D objects created through external software programs. All of these objects and files can be integrated onto a single project or workstation.

The interactive view option allows the user to slice objects so only those parts that they want to focus on are displayed. This allows for a detailed look into design details to check for errors or discrepancies.

The design review feature of the software enables the user to write markups in redline to integrate their comments or suggestions regarding the design; while the change management feature allows them t record all changes made on the design, which can serve as reference in the event that they want to roll back the design to its previous version. Support for large file imports and multi-page PDFs are also included.

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