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Nexus Personal or Nexus Personal Security Client is a program that serves as a link between public key cryptography and private key cryptography. This two-fold authentication system ensures that no data is compromised or rendered vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Generally, cryptographic systems entail providing a public key and a private key to the client; where one without the other will render specific data inaccessible. Private keys are usually kept in an external device such as a smart USB token or a smart card. This ensures that the private key remains secure, and not easily accessible to unauthorized persons.

The public key on the other hand, is generally provided with the data being shared whether via email or Web share. Data may also be shared via FTP. To be able to authenticate data, the user needs to provide a private key, and only then will the data be accessible. This communication between the pubic key and the private key is enabled through Nexus Personal.

The program recognizes a wide range of cryptographic APIs thus, enabling the user to utilize the software for encryption and decryption. It also provides browser plug-ins, which means that the user is able to conduct online transactions securely.

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