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SwiftView Viewer is software that allows for the instant viewing of documents rendered in printer file formats, specifically HP printer file formats PCL or Printer Control Language and HPGL or Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language; where PCL is the print file format for HP LaserJet printers and HPGL is the print file format for HP plotters. The software also enables instant viewing of TIFF image files.

The software also features a tool known as Intelligent Printing which enables the user to print PCL and HGPL documents in its actual form, meaning the documents are printed as is with no modifications or changes in appearance. This feature is only applicable to HP LaserJet printers and HP plotters or printers that are compatible with PCL and HGPL document formats.

SwiftView is part of the SwiftView software suite, which also includes SwiftView Pro and SwiftView Pro + PDF. All software types from the SwiftView suite support several languages including Dutch, French, German and Italian.

SwiftView is paid software but a trial version may be downloaded from the developer’s website. Trial versions, once installed, are only good for up to 30 days.

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