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"Designing Flyers, Business Flyer Templates, Brochure Maker, Publishing Templates, Custom Flyers"

This is an easy to use Publishing app for Windows 8, that comes with built-in templates for various industries such as Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Institutes, Organizations, Hotels, Entertainment, Showrooms, Events Management, and other Small Businesses. Holiday templates can also be downloaded from the online template marketplace. Users can make flyers, brochures, certificates, posters, signs, and similar publishing docs in a few minutes. The user can design and print his own flyers, brochures, event invitations, Halloween store sales flyers, product offer with coupons, and other Halloween themed documents from built-in and downloadable templates.

Features include built-in templates, apply masks to images, add barcodes or QR codes to the document, add maps to the document, and save documents as .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, and .TIFF. It also contains more professional flyer templates, certificates, door hangers, invitations, event flyer templates, posters, and other multi-fold brochure templates. The user can add ticket numbers, or serial numbers to documents and tickets that are not available in the Windows Store app. This app can also let the user pinch in to zoom documents and text on Multi-Touch enabled PCs such as Touch Smart PCs, and Tablet PCs.

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