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"Bluebeam Software, Inc."

Bluebeam Vu for Windows is a PDF viewer. Vu does more than just read PDF files. With integration into document management systems, as well as file access technology for organizing PDF files, Vu allows the user to access and navigate PDF files easily. The user can view his PDF files as they were meant to be viewed, complete with markups, comments, annotations display clearly and accurately, so nothing is missed. Vu also allows the user to fill out and save PDF forms, digitally sign his PDF files and connect to Revu’s cloud-enabled solution, called Bluebeam Studio. It can also access files that are stored in Studio Projects, and collaborate on the same PDFs in real-time Studio Sessions.

Bluebeam Vu’s interface is simple to navigate. Its Tab Access allows the user to easily open any tab to view the Markups list, and Studio. The user can also close all of his tabs with just one click, to increase his screen real estate. Each PDF also gets its own tab, so the user can toggle between documents. He can also use MultiView technology to split up his screen up to 16 times, and sync tabs to pan and zoom in unison.

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