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"Bitvise SSH Client"

Bitvise Tunnelier is an alias for the Bitvise SSH Client software, a program that facilitates SFTP-through-FTP connections via tunneling. While it has a graphical user interface, it also has command line SFTP, remote execution, terminal console, and tunneling clients for users with an understanding of program scripting. Its file transfer functions allow users to manage the files being transferred even while it is in the middle of transfer operations. Its terminal access protocols also include both xterm and bvterm protocols. It is capable of port forwarding and can leverage the SOCKS5, SOCKS4A, SOCKS4 and HTTP CONNECT protocols for proxy tunneling.

The program allows users to specify programs on the system too, that can benefit from its dynamic tunneling abilities: user browsers, for instance, can be specified to use it. It can be configured to tunnel with different settings, and users can save each configuration as a particular tunneling profile easily accessible at a single-click after creation. The program’s interface is also customizable and it allows the server in the system to set the rules for port forwarding, sparing the client from setting the configurations. It is made for Windows systems.

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