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"Use SQL Server Management Studio"

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is software that allows the user, usually network administrators, to manage all aspects of the SQL server. The initial release of the software was with the 2005 version of the SQL Server.

Users are able to configure all components of the server through scripting and graphical tools provided with the software. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio provides an integrated environment for performing all necessary configurations and management tasks to maintain the database.

The layout of the environment can be customized, where users can hide components of such as the Object Explorer through the Auto Hide option. Usually, hidden components are minimized, and hovering the mouse over to the component name will open the hidden component once again. Components can likewise be undocked from its original position and moved to another location on the layout.

Keyboard schemes can likewise be configured. This can be done through the Options tab under the Tools option. In the event that the user wants to go back to the original settings of the environment layout, this can be done through the Reset Window Layout option, which can be accessed from the Window tab.

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