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"Sonic Studio Professional Mastering Systems and Amarra High Resolution Music Players"

Sonic Solutions developed the Roxio Disc Copier which comes with executable files like DiscCopier.exe. DiscCopier allows protection of copies for different Microsoft Windows applications. It is also used to create back-ups of games and store them on optical discs.

The executable file DiscCopier.exe is also used to block unauthorized duplication of discs and data and is used heavily in anti-piracy applications. The Roxio Disc Copier has also been released in several versions some of which are no longer available at present. For each version, a more complex technology is integrated so as to make copying more difficult and restricted. The earlier versions of this software were weakened by image emulator applications which led them from being blacklisted. Other software were also utilized to cloak the mounter of this executable files.

Sonic Solutions, the company behind this executable file, was originally founded by Lucasfilm employees. These are the same developers behind the SoundDroid audio editing system. Current version of the system is more popularly known as Pixar. Sonic then developed another platform called the sonic system which is equipped with digital audio workstation for non-linear digital projects.

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